How to turn someone down gracefully?


No matter what we see in movies, being asked out on BBW dating is not always flattering and favorable. As a matter of fact, you might not be interested in this person at all, not are you excited to see them. Even so, turning someone down is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are caught unprepared.

When such circumstance occurs, you might act awkwardly and say something stupid, even hurt someone unintentionally. These tips might not be so useful after it, but you can still prepare for unexpected needs, so that you can handle it gracefully the next time.

Be honest, quick and direct. Turning someone down is awkward, especially when they are doing something crazily romantic. But being honest is the best strategy if you don’t want to cause big damage to the other person. First, be honest with yourself. Everyone deserves opportunity, but you know it won’t work. If you don’t feel any connection, don’t hang up to it just because you want to be friendly. Don’t agree to BBW hookup because of sympathy. It will waste both of your time. Besides, during the process, the person might be hurt even more serious.

Be honest with them. Don’t make up lies and be polite and honest with them. If you already have a boyfriend or girlfriend, let them know. If you don’t but you are still not interested, tell him the truth. You can simply say “no, thank you”. If it’s real, you can tell him/her that you just don’t want to hookup anyone right now.

You don’t need to explain, but if you have a very good reason, you can bring it up. Tell then that you are flattered, but you just don’t like them. It would be terrible for them, but a clean wound heals faster. No cheating, but only respect.

When you turn someone down, being proactive is always better than being passive. Get it over with when you had the chance. Do not wait and don’t think they can get your hint. Just give an explicit no, so that both of you can move on with your lives.

Treat them in the way you want to be treated. A poorly handled ‘no’ can still hurt people, so please do be careful. There is no reason to act like you are offended or disgusted. Being asked out on a hook up date should be pleasure for everyone, because it means you are appreciated. So be polite. At least try to accept it with gratitude. Remember, approaching someone takes great courage, especially when it is face to face.

At last, try to think in their shoes. If you are the one asking, how do you want to be treated? Of course, you want a positive answer, but when there is none, how do you want yourself to be rejected? As the saying goes, Do unto others as you would be done.